Stuff by Serena Lifestyle

Inspired by mermaid folklore and born out of our passion for ocean protection, environmental responsibility, and sustainability, SERENA was created to offer earth-friendly alternatives to your bath and body essentials.

Our products are 100% natural, ocean-friendly, and biodegradable, made only with edible kitchen ingredients ingredients which are locally- and sustainably-sourced. No harmful chemicals here!

We are inspired by individuals who posses a contagious thirst for life and travel, as well as a genuine compassion for the environment.

Apart from the environment, we are committed to empowering Filipinas to revel in their brown skin -- celebrate themselves, nurture their carefree spirit, and to enjoy life fearlessly!

Put on your best swimsuit, get some salt in your hair, dig your feet into the sand, and go out under the sun! You are most beautiful when you love the skin you're in.

Guilt-free beauty, proudly made in the Philippines by Filipinas.