Badera Playsuit in EARTH
Badera Playsuit in EARTH
Badera Playsuit in EARTH

Badera Playsuit in EARTH

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  • Warm earth-tones with a geometric, symmetrical leaf pattern
  • Made with breathable cotton material
  • New V-neckline with tie-up ribbon straps 
  • Suit height now made more adjustable; more versatile styling
  • Drop-seam pants with garter cuff
  • Pockets
  • Double-lined top

From our 2019 ELEMENTS Collection, the Badera Playsuit in Earth embodies solidity, principle, strength, devotion, determination, and wisdom.

Take the carefree travel experience anywhere you are with this easy, featherlight onesie. Style it down for daytime beach lounging, or style it up for an evening seaside rendezvous. Understated enough for the simple life, but sophisticated enough for the city.

Suitable for ladies who enjoy lounging around their resort; or adventurous girls with unpredictable itineraries. Also, for breastfeeding moms and their indomitable spirits. 

Model wears LARGE. Sizes are forgiving. See size chart here.

Limited stock available.