Serena x Magwai's Sea Lovers Bundle

Serena x Magwai's Sea Lovers Bundle

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  • MAGWAI Reef-Safe Sunscreen (100mL) 
    Broad Spectrum SPF 50+; UVA & UVB Protection; water & sweat resistant; all natural, cruelty-free
  • SERENA Coffee-Coconut Tanning Oil (100mL)
    Moisturizes and conditions; good for use from head to toe; ocean-safe, biodegradable, refillable

    An online exclusive, Serena and Magwai PH have come together to make being a responsible beach-goer that much easier for you! 

    Serena's Coffee-Infused Coconut Tanning Oil is not only delicious for your body, but it is perfectly ocean-safe and environmentally-friendly too. Made only with biodegradable and edible ingredients, you can be sure that coral reefs and other marine life will remain unharmed while you're taking a dip. Lightweight enough to use as a daily moisturizer.

    Magwai is a locally produced reef-safe sunscreen that was born out of our love and respect for the beauty of the coral reefs in the Philippines. It is specially formulated to protect the ocean, as it protects us from the sun.


      1. Apply MAGWAI on skin 20 minutes before sun exposure. Dab pea-sized amounts of sunscreen lotion on your face and body, then rub evenly on your skin.
      2. Apply SERENA Coffee-Coconut Tanning Oil on your face and body.
      3. Re-apply after 80 minutes, or after swimming, sweating, and towel drying.