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[The Badera playsuit] transcended beautifully from the summer heat to the tropical storms because it's just so darn comfortable and easy to wear.


Very good for the skin, it doesn't feel sticky and very greasy. What I like the best is, it gives off that golden brown tint on my skin compared with just a layer of sunblock. I also like the coffee scrub on my face! but make sure it doesn't get too close to your eyes


I super love your conditioner! My mom-in-law even asked if I did something to my hair coz it looked healthy. My natural waves came out and I love it! This is my staple conditioner now! Oh, and the whole packaging is SO DARN PRETTY!


Before it would be next to impossible for me to get a tan coz of my fair skin. But, ever since my cousin introduced me to your tanning oil, I get such a nice, golden tan all the time. I put on regular sunblock to prevent sunburn and redness, but even then my skin gets tan super fast and evenly!


Super love your tanning oil. It's the only real tanning oil that works best on me. I used to just red before. Now I finally have a nice tan. Thanks to Serena!


Love the scent and the fast absorbing formula [of the Coffee-Coconut Tanning Oil]. Will definitely be purchasing another bottle. I just can't get enough of its result. I wish they'd offer an even bigger bottle because I sure would be purchasing a 500ml of this!


It's my first time using tanning oil, and this was a good first product. With my morena skin, I achieved a beautiful golden tan after being under the sun & at the beach every weekend of March and April; as opposed to that dull, dark, sun-burnt sun screen-only skin. The golden glow only showed up after my first layer of skin peeled off. The smell of coconut and coffee is a major plus for me. Sometimes I use it to moisturize even on days I'm just at the office and it's not sticky.


...I love this conditioner! I have naturally curly hair, so I'm really picky with the products I use. I just decided to use this because of its all-natural ingredients... a little does go a long way with this. You'll have to just believe you're actually putting on product, because its consistency is almost like that of water. I've been using this for almost two weeks and I love how it doesn't weigh my curls down and even helps define it. The only thing I don't like about it is its smell, but then again, it's because of its natural ingredients. Nothing hair mist couldn't fix. Will definitely buy this again :)